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About us


   I'm Cyndi, the owner of Peppertree Ranch.


   Peppertree Ranch is a small, fun size ranch located in sunny Southern California.  It's been a dream to breed a small select number of litters focused on health, outstanding temperaments and of course, gorgeous looks!

   I have never met a 4 legged creature I didn't love, but I have found that I have a sweet spot for these amazing Standard Poodles! They are so incredibly smart, easy to train, friendly and non- shedding. Them being happy all the time doesn't hurt, either! =)

  It is very important to me to keep Peppertree Ranch simple and small. My dogs are our family and live daily life on our ranch. They love running with our grandkids, horses, goats, and cats. 


  Our puppies are hand raised in our home and socialized daily with tons of love and care. This is to ensure your puppy is confident and ready for a good start in life to be your forever companion.

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